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Second Public Meeting
Friday, November 28th, 1997 - 7:30 p.m.
Guest Speakers:
Ted White, Reform Party M.P. for North Vancouver
Reimar Kroecher, President, Canadians for Direct Democracy
There will be ample opportunity for questions
All CDD members and friends are welcome
Bonsor Community Centre
6550 Bonsor, Burnaby
3 blocks north-east of Metrotown skytrain station

N.B. CDD is a non-political, non-profit group, and does not endorse the opinions of guest speakers.

Direct Democracy for District of North Vancouver?

 On Monday evening, November 3rd 1997, at 7:00pm at Council Chambers at 355 W Queens, North Vancouver, Mr. Ernie Crist, councilor of the District of North Vancouver introduced a motion that Council strike a Task Force to study the feasibility of direct democracy for the District.

His proposal draws from Rossland and Pitt Meadows experience, and more than half the committee will be made up of citizens knowledgeable in direct democracy, whether or not residents of N. Vancouver.

 Several persons from CDD spoke. All interested parties, whether or not residents of North Vancouver, were invited to attend to demonstrate support and may speak for 2 minutes without prior notification.

The motion passed unamimously.


New - CDD Listserv

Canadians for Direct Democracy have just launched a Listserv.

To participate, just send an e-mail to
with the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the SUBJECT line (it is just as easy to "unsubscribe")
A LISTSERV is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to "make our own news", and to receive news direct from others, without the "interpretation" of the media.
Each message that you e-mail to that address will be automatically relayed to all "subscribers" to the group. Initially these will be mostly people that we know in B.C.
However the potential is worldwide; and we will be circulating the news of this listserv to a wide group of people and to OTHER LISTSERVS.
Since this is an "unmoderated " listserv, we have limited power to STOP people participating -- sound like a democrat's dream??
This listserv could become a vehicle for wide-ranging debate on the subject of direct democracy; a vehicle for sharing each piece of news of our endeavors.


Letter to Premier Clark - January 5th 1998

To: The Honourable Glen Clark, Premier of B. C.,
Room 156
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4

Re: Provincial Referendum on M.A.I.

Dear Mr. Premier,

We have noted with interest that your government has taken a position opposing MAI. Being non-partisan we have no official position on this stand.

We do welcome the fact that your stand may bring a hot topic into a place where it can be more usefully debated by the "stakeholders" -- who, in truth, are the population of the whole of Canada, and perhaps of the whole globe.

In principle, we feel that in a democracy, critically important topics such as MAI should be decided by binding referendum.

In this instance there is clearly conflict between the Federal Government, provincial governments, and the various special interest groups. It is only right and proper that under these circumstances Governments hear the clear opinion of the people as a whole, through a binding referendum vote, rather than falsely assume that they hold a mandate on a subject which has never been mentioned in any election campaign.

How else can the will of the people be known?

We insist that there is a clear and pressing need for a referendum on this subject.

You, Mr. Premier, are one of the few people in Canada who has the clear legal right to call such a referendum in the Province of B.C..

We at Canadians for Direct Democracy implore that you use this power immediately, before the Federal Government passes MAI in Spring of 1998, pitting factions against each other in acrimonious and partisan dispute.

We know that many NGOs are alarmed about this matter, and we intend to take our position on referendum on this matter to them in the New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Stark
Canadians for Direct Democracy


The Direct Democracy Task Force in North Vancouver

At the council meeting of the District of North Vancouver on Monday, May 11th 1998, Mayor Don Bell announced the composition of the Direct Democracy Task Force:

Councillor Pat Monroe
Reimar Kroecher - President of Canadians for Direct Democracy
Linn Teetzel - Capilano College

Community Center Members

Corrie Kost
Eric Andersen


Paul Gallagher
Dallas Cullis
Ted White M.P.


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