Canadians for
Check Mark  Direct Democracy (CDD)

Direct Democracy -- the right of citizens
to hold referenda on any issue

Executive Summary of Direct Democracy

Let's define Direct Democracy as the right of citizens to hold referendums on any issue -- and to veto legislation.

In practice the details can and should be tailored to suit the needs of each town or country.

The mechanisms are simple, but the implications of the different process are far-reaching.

In 1991 83% of BC citizens voted for citizen-initiated referenda, in a referendum that was part of the BC election. We still do not have referenda. Why not? Read on.

Beedham (below) says "Democracy in the 20th century has been a half-finished thing. In the 21st, it can grow to its full height".

We say that Direct Democracy is to the 21st Century what the Magna Carta was to the 13th Century.


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