The New Wealth of Nations

A New Enquiry Into the Nature and Origins of the Wealth of Nations


The Societal Learning Arrangements Needed for a Sustainable Society


John Raven

The evidence marshalled in the first third of this book convincingly undermines any lingering faith one might have in the effectiveness of the so-called market process as a means of orchestrating communal action for the common good.

The material assembled in the second third provides a parallel, and equally devastating, critique of our current public management arrangements - existing forms of democracy and bureaucracy.

It is concluded that the central problem facing society is still to answer Adam Smith's question about how to empower widely dispersed, and mutually interdependent, bits of information of varying quality in such a way that they lead to a desirable future - a future which is currently under very serious threat.

The final third of the book outlines alternative institutional arrangements designed to achieve this end. These depend centrally on recognising the role which public servants play in running society and developing new arrangements to ensure that they fulfil their duties effectively. Most importantly, it will be necessary to develop ways of ensuring that they seek out, and act on, information in an innovative way in the long term public interest, recognising that, in order to do this, they need to develop and release the know-how, creativity, and initiative of all members of the population in a pervasive climate of innovation. This means that it will be necessary to develop new criteria and tools of staff and organisational appraisal and a new interface between public servants and the public - that is, new forms of democracy.

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