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Insiders in Moscow are fully aware that a man who died in a Vancouver area hospital on the 26th of June 1977 was known by many Vancouverites of Russian and Estonian descent to be the Crown Prince Alexei, the last Tsar's missing son and heir.  The man's death certificate gives his name as Alexei Heino Tammet-Romanov... and the historic building where Russia's Imperial murders took place was razed to the ground on 27th of July 1977, exactly one month... thirty-one days after his death!

It is also known that the man's widow and third wife, thirty-five years his junior, sent two of his teeth to England's Home Office forensic scientists in Aldermaston in April of 1993.  A DNA extraction from one of those teeth has been kept there in a laboratory freezer since the spring of that year.  Mrs. Sandra Romanov is still waiting for an answer!

Much of the evidence supporting the story of Alexei Tammet-Romanov was received in Moscow by the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church during October of 1995, just weeks before Boris Yeltsin, the Patriarch Alexei II, and St. Petersburg's former mayor Anatoly Sobchak were reported to have cancelled plans for the formal burial of the remains of Tsar Nicholas II for the fourth time.


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